Make it Meaty BBQ Injection (to make 1 US Gallon) 152g

Make it Meaty BBQ Injection (to make 1 US Gallon) 152g

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Make it Meaty injection base works three ways:
Increases juiciness for better texture
Enhances flavors - all flavors
Adds savory notes of umami
Less expensive to use than other injections
Designed specifically for competition barbecue, Make it Meaty works on any meat. That's because it's designed to compliment and enhance your flavor profile, not replace it.
Meat enhancers need to be added in specific amounts to work best, but flavor is something you add to taste. Make it Meaty separates the enhancers from the flavors, so you can add as much or as little flavor as you like...or none at all.
Endorsements are rolling in. Here's what Dan Hixon, of 3EYZ barbecue (2012 KCBS Team of the Year) has to say:
"I've been competing on the BBQ circuit since 2006 and have been searching for something that would give me an advantage vs my competition ever since. You see, after awhile you'll find its easy to cook good BBQ, but its not easy to deliver moist and succulent meat to judges after your BBQ has been sitting in a clamshell for 20 minutes. I can now stop searching as Make it Meaty IS that product. MIM gives my BBQ added moisture and improves its taste without added flavorings that might conflict with 3 Eyz BBQ's flavor profile. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!" --Dan
Make it Meaty injection base tastes natural, it's your flavor, kicked up a notch.
It's effective, used by Champions and getting 180s.
Powerful stuff, a little goes a long way at just 38g (4 tbs) per quart.
Make it Meaty injection base works on any meat. Less waste, more taste!
Make it Meaty is designed specifically for KCBS-style BBQ competitions, but it's great with turkey, venison, game, chili, sausage...any meat.
There are no specific meat flavors in Make it Meaty injection base, so add your own or try our Culinary Flavors. Add as little or as much flavor as you like.
Triple-Action - MIM adds flavor, enhances flavor and retains moisture.
Everybody has their own tweaks and preferences, but here are some of my techniques for using Make it Meaty to get you started.
This guide assumes that you have read the directions on the package, but you want to know more.
Key Concepts: It ain't rocket science to use this stuff. Focus on flavor. Leave the chemistry to us. Don't believe everything you hear or read. I don't like the word ""injection"". Injecting is a delivery method, and it does not adequately describe this product. First thing to realize, as listed above, is that this isn't rocket science. There are loads of myths, rumors, misinformation and outright hogwash out there on how to use ""injections"". The truth is, while you do need to know a few things, it's not something you need to over-think. You don't need to know any secrets. There's nothing magical or mystical about these things. I would advise you to concentrate on developing amazing flavors to add to your injection, as opposed to searching for some holy grail. NOTE: Make it Meaty is best mixed fresh, just before injecting. I've heard some poppycock going around the web that you need to mix, then wait four hours. This is ridiculous, and I don't know where it started. If that were the case, I'd put it on the label. In fact, letting it set that long allows the pH of the phosphates to begin working on the other ingredients, possibly compromising a consistent pH and dissolving the other ingredients like soaking them in lye. So, mix it with cold water, then inject it.


maltodextrin, sodium phosphates, monosodium glutamate, salt, onion powder, xanthan gum, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, natural flavour.